• Origin: Mainland China

Installation Steps

1. Rotate The Mouth Of The Toothpaste Tube To Insert The Silicone Ring (If The Mouth Of The Toothpaste Tube Is Not Inserted In Place With The Silicone Ring, It May Lead To Leakage Of The Silicone Ring Resulting In Poor Extrusion Of Toothpaste)

2. After Loading The Toothpaste, You Need To Squeeze The Toothpaste Tube To Exhaust (Please Manually Squeeze The Toothpaste Until It Fills The Internal Chamber).

3. Press The Squeeze Button With Your Hand Or Toothbrush To Expel The Air Inside The Silicone Ring Until Toothpaste Is Squeezed Out. Push A Few More Times For The First Use.


1. Automatic toothpaste squeezer, easy to install, quantitative extrusion.

2. Wall-mounted design, strong adhesive back, not easy to fall off.

3. Detachable internal cleaning, do not worry about dirt accumulation, simple and convenient cleaning

4. Suitable for family bathroom, waterproof and moisture-proof


Material: Plastic + silicone

Weight :168g (including packaging)

Size :11*6.5*7cm

Color: Blue, gray, red


1. When installing the toothpaste for the first time, it should be installed in place to ensure that there is no gap and no air. Manually squeeze the air out of the toothpaste for the first time, suitable for most toothpastes.

2. When pasting adhesive paper, ensure that the surface of the wall is clean and smooth.

3. There may be some errors in the actual manual measurement. The actual size is subject to the actual product.

4. The color of the picture may be slightly different from the actual product due to different lighting and shooting conditions. The actual product prevails.


Blue, Gray, Red


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