• Type: Dogs
  • Origin: Mainland China

Quality product: The syringe is made of plastic,the product is individually packed, sanitary and convenient, the syringe tube wall is clear and transparent for easy measurement and dispensing of liquids, the piston is in close contact, good air tightness, no waste.

Wide applications:These syringes are suitable for laboratory experiments, measuring liquids and dispensing liquids, garden watering, essential oil, perfume separator, lubricants, sealants, craft, glue adhesives applicator, lab experiments, lipgloss DIY, etc.

Easy to clean: the plunger can be pulled out directly, and the black rubber can also be removed for cleaning.


Images on this page are for illustration only and the design of the actual product may differ.
Channel availability may vary between markets. Local standards and laws may vary, please ensure this product meets local.




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