• Power Source: Electric
  • Theme: Animals & Nature,Transportation,Fantasy & Sci-Fi,Occupations,Sports,Music
  • Warning: Can not get water
  • Model Number: 6 DOF Robotic arm
  • Brand Name: YoufangSmart
  • Recommend Age: 14 y
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Material: Metal
  • Feature 1: Robot arm
  • Feature 2: SERVO MG996R
  • Feature 3: Programmable board
  • Feature 4: School experiments
  • Feature 5: ESP32, Arduino, STM32
  • Feature 6: PWM output
  • Feature 7: Digital servo can 360 degrees
  • Feature 8: Ps2 RC Wireless Handle Kits
  • Feature 9: 6 DOF Robot Manipulator
  • Feature 10: Metal Alloy Mechanical Arm
  • Feature 11: Robotics Kit Educational Robot
  • Feature 12: Arduino Arm
  • Feature 13: Arduino Robot
  • Feature 14: DIY Programmable Kit

Youfang Smart is smarter, tech, and healthier

We are the sales No.1 in the toy industry, specializing in the development of science and technology, technology, education and teaching enterprises. This programming robot arm is a new, very intelligent teaching programming robot designed by our institute, but also the enlightenment of children and engineers to learn education, we will release more technology, education, health new products from time to time, can be used as children’s toy gifts, adult learning demoboard.I believe you will like our robotic arm.

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If you need this manual of Robotic arm routines and development documentation, such as Arduino or STM32 or 51 open source code, please contact us and leave your email.

6 DOF Robot Manipulator Metal Alloy Mechanical Arm Diy Part Clamp Claw Kit Servo MG996R for Arduino Robotic Education Robot Arm


  • MG996R (180 degrees,This is shipped by default )

  • Gear Type: ALL Metal Gears , Not Plastic gear

  • Stall torque:12kg/cm(6V)

  • Power Supply: Through External Adapter

  • Operation Voltage : 4.8 – 7.2 V

  • Temperature range: 0’C to 55lsquoC

  • Operating Speed: 0.17sec / 60 degrees (4.8V no load)

  • Operating Speed: 0.13sec / 60 degrees (6.0V no load)

  • Compliant with most standard receiver connector: Futaba, Hitec, Sanwa, GWS etc…

  • Stable and Shock Proof.

  • Connector Wire:Length 300mm

  • Great for truck, Boat, Racing Car, Helicopter and Airplane

  • All gear:Metal

  • Rotation angle 90~180 degrees

    If you need 360 degrees, We recommend using the servo MG996R(360 degrees) , Cheap but can not control angle.

  • The new digital servos also can control angle with 360 degrees,We recommend using the servo DS3218(20KG,360 degrees,can control angle),We also have other 360-degree controllable servos,you can buy it from the follow address.


Shipping list:

A/B type robot arm frame:

6 dof robot arm shell: 1 set for A/B type robotic arm(Not included servos and control board)

Arm frame with MG996R:

  • A/B type 6 dof robot arm shell: 1 set

  • MG996R 180 degrees servo: 6pcs

  • A Kit 1 360 degrees: A shell + 4 pcs MG996R + 2pcs 360 degrees DS3218

  • A Kit 2 360 degrees: A shell +6 pcs 360 degrees DS3218

  • B Kit 1 360 degrees: B shell + 4 pcs MG996R + 2pcs 360 degrees DS3218

  • B Kit 2 360 degrees: B shell + 6 pcs 360 degrees DS3218

  • A full set: A shell +6 pcs MG996R + Control board 4

  • B full set: A shell +6 pcs MG996R + Control board 4

  • A upgrade set: A shell + 4 pcs MG996R + 2pcs 360 degrees DS3218 + full set control

  • B upgrade set: B shell + 4 pcs MG996R + 2pcs 360 degrees DS3218 + full set control

Technical documents as follow, the most complete development and design, you deserve to own this engineering project, we do technology first, service first, not just sell goods


A Full set 1, A Full set 2, A Full set 3, A Kit 1 360 degrees, A Kit 2 360 degrees, A type robot frame, A upgrade set 1, A upgrade set 2, A upgrade set 3, A With 6pcs MG996R, Arduino set 1, Arduino set 2, B Full set 1, B Full set 2, B Full set 3, B Kit 1 360 degrees, B Kit 2 360 degrees, B type robot frame, B upgrade set 1, B upgrade set 2, B upgrade set 3, B With 6pcs MG996R, ESP32 set 4, STM32 set 3


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