• Target Pet: Dog & Cat
  • Origin: Mainland China

Our tick removal cards are designed to be quick and easy to use. Simply take your scale card out of the case, slide it under the scale, and gently pry it up. Now continue to press so that the tick slides out of the skin gently without the head getting stuck. The cat sign cards are lightweight and unbreakable, making them ideal for emergencies. The removal tip is placed on the skin and the forceps are pushed down the slope. The head is turned and the hook is twisted twice, and the phlegm is pulled straight out and deleted. The card can be used on all hosts, human or animal, and is fast and painless. Eco-friendly as it does not use any chemicals. Removing ticks from dogs and cats is the safest and easiest way to get rid of them. Eliminates ticks in seconds without pain. Ticks don’t compress them, which reduces the risk of infection. Multifunctional: Can be used for pets such as dogs, cats, horses, etc. Humans can also use it.

Because we designed the scale card with two different grooves, it provides you with an emergency tool for dealing with large and small scales. There is also a magnifying glass built into the map to see how deep the tick marks are. Tick Cards for Kids can also help you better identify small pests in your fur.

 This way you don’t miss small ticks and you can be sure that ticks that are removed will be removed completely. Dogs and cats, in particular, who like to run around in tall grass often bring ticks home, but children or adults who play can also benefit from our tick removal cards.


Tick removal cards Dimensions: 8.5×5.4×0.12 cm

Color: as picture shown

Material: ABS+ PS magnifying glass

Color: 1 blue lice remover

Color: 3-Pack Green Lice Remover

Material: plastic

Size: as shown

Package Contents:

1 set of lice catcher(6pcs set)


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