• RGB: No
  • The value of CL: 18
  • Cooling Fin: Yes
  • Memory Voltage: 1.35
  • Sequence: 18-22-22-42
  • Interface Type: 288pin
  • Memory Frequency: 3200 MHz
  • Package: Yes
  • Frequency: 3200
  • Type: DDR4
  • Application: Desktop
  • Brand Name: JAZER
  • JAZER Model: DDR4 16GB 3200
  • Origin: Mainland China

JAZER Desktop Memory DDR4 16GB 8GB 3200MHz New Dimm Memoria Rams PC4 Desktop Gaming Memory Support Motherboard DDR4 Memory

1.Please make sure your address is correct and detailed before placing order to avoid delivery failure.

2.Before ordering, please make sure that the RAM is compatible with the motherboard/CPU.When placing an order.If you have any questions,Please feel free to contact our online customer service

3.XMP 2.0 is an optimization technology used by Intel on DDR4,It can automatically overclock. Just open XMP function in the BIOS,So that could get the ideal performance setting.Memory products with a frequency of 3000MHz and higher than 3000MHz,which are with the X M.P. standard. Please check whether the motherboard and CPU support X M.P. before purchasing.If the motherboard and CPU don’ t support the change standard,the memory will can only work at 2666MHz/2400MHz..

4.This link does not support x99 and x79 series motherboards. If your motherboard is an X99 motherboard, you can contact our online customer service, we will send you other links for you to order

NOTICE: We show the photo of the products, pictures for reference only, subject to our available products.

Widely compatible

The JAZER memory module is high-performance

stably compatible with Intel and AMD platforms,and can run smoothly

Energy saving and stable operation

The voltage of DDR4 memory module is as low as 1.2V, energy saving,

environmental protection, low power consumption,and more stable operation.

Works easy runs fast

Multi- capacity and multi frequency to meet your various needs,

there is no pressure to open more tasks, and you can play e-sports with ease.

Strictly tested High quality

Aluminum heatsink dissipate heat, help air flow reduce particle temperature,

and prevent overheating from damaging the memory.

overheating from damaging the memory.


5. Internalcomplementarycomposentssuchascapacitance, resistanceandrejectionaredamagedandfalloffbyexternalforces;

Buying Tips

About PCB board

Because of different batches of materials, PCB will have different batches of black and green, and the quality of the product will not be affected.Wide and narrow do not affect RAM use .All of the products are sent based on the batch of factory , wide and narrow can not be specified.

About particles

Due to different factory batches, may use different particles (Samsung/Micron/Hynix/Nanya Easen/Elpida, etc.), different particle number (4P/8P/16P), different particle distribution (single side/double side), each particle has undergone a strict testing process, Compatibility and stability are guaranteed, please rest assured to buy.

About frequency

After the memory module is installed, you can use the CPU-Z software to view the actual running frequency. When the computer cannot run at the nominal frequency, check and confirm: whether other hardware supports the purchased frequency/whether more than two memory of different frequencies are used together (high frequency will automatically synchronize low frequency)/Whether memory XMP is supported and enabled, etc., if you have any questions, please consult the customer service of the store.

About XMP

A desktop memory larger than 3000MHz must be equipped with a matching motherboard and processor to give full play to its overclocking performance. Please confirm whether your current motherboard and processor support the desired memory specifications before purchase. The overclocking identifier on the BIOS interface is XMP or DOCP. Before XMP is enabled, the system runs at the default frequency of 2666MHz. If XMP is enabled, the system can enjoy the officially guaranteed overclocking speed.

Aboutdual channe

The transmission speed of dual channel is nearly twice that of single channel, which can obtain relatively better performance. Dual-channel is not required, as long as the memory is inserted in the correct slot to achieve dual-channel memory mode. – Generally speaking, a motherboard with 2 memory slots, filled with 2 memory is a dual channel; For motherboards with 4 /8 memory slots, the method of installing dual channels is to install 2 memory slots in the same color. Because different manufacturers of the motherboard design is not the same, the specific can refer to the motherboard instructions.

About the system

When the total memory capacity of the computer is at least 4GB, use a 64-bit operating system.

Memory Capacity

16GB, 8GB


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